Good eveing dear @trybeone family, how are you guys? Friends while making any landscape with watercolour I personally enjoyed the happiness of natural beauty and this type of views are one of my favourite and for my art point of view it’s my most beautiful part of choice to make something that is related to my country my village and mother nature.

Friends, as always I told you that I love to make the water colour based landscape art and when it comes to natural phenomena it’s always heart warming and the most loving moment for my life as I am truly the most loving craeture of good thing and a phenomenon full of natural view always attract me to make her beautiful I used her word because in my view the Nature is mother who give birth to new things and always feed us like our own mother. So this is the best moment for me to make the beautiful phenomenon of my village and truly it will be great if you love this and appreciate my artwork that will be the most lovely gift for me.

Friends this is my village landscape I tried my hands on making this awesome and beautiful view and want to make it immortal by placing it in front of you and submitting this to Steemit blockchain.

Friends your love for my silly art work is very precious and always inspired me to make you smile. Friends when we wait for any surprise it’s the most beautiful part of our life and it’s increases the taste of our patience. I want to share another beautiful moment of my life yesterday I achieved the first milestone of Trybe platform the Trybe Apprentice rank and I am very happy after achieving this rank and I am sharing my great reverence to all my wonderful friends and supporters as because without their blessings this can’t be achieved so dear friends Thank you for your love and please keep supporting me like this so I can achieve another milestone very soon and I wish you all great success and happiness too.

With Love And Respect.

I shared this on Steemit platform.

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    1. Julia Williams Post author

      Dear friend yes it’s a very beautiful place and will win your heart for sure.
      Thank you dear friend for your precious support love and blessings.



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