Good morning dear friends and my respected @trybeone community. Landscape art is one of my favorite way of painting and I love to make natural phenomena because it’s the way for an artist to share it’s love and gratitude towards the mother nature. I often paint the view of my village and the most beautiful view of river, pond, the crop and fields are the most beautiful phenomena which always attracts me because when you see the beauty of nature it’s always fills your heart with warmness of Nature’s love and a message of love in the air can be seen everywhere around every natural phenomena. Friends let me make something very beautiful and heartwarming landscape art and this time it’s a view of the hill area accommodation. Friends just enjoy the beautiful natural phenomena of this beautiful landscape art made of water color. The water color is also the most beautiful part of an artist’s art stream.

Friends I am the native of Ganges plain region and the Himalaya region always brings excitement whenever I thin about this as how beautiful these natural phenomena are and always you will find the way of happiness and a message of love whenever you will visit there. Friends I included a mountain area view in my landscape based painting where I used water colour and I am quite sure you will enjoy the true beauty of the mountains. Friends every time I tried my best while making any painting or drawing or sketching to express something special and this is among the most special and specific artwork collection I ever made.

With Love And Respect.

I shared this artwork on my Steemit and Whaleshares account and I am inviting you on my these walls to come and share your One love to my work there also.



    1. Julia Williams Post author

      Dear friend @dukefish you are really awesome thank you so much for your time to visit my post and it’s really awesome you like it.
      I will try me best to make more beautiful artwork.
      With love and respect ✊