Do you ever think about to create images for blog posts with a program for to simulate painting and drawing? A full suite of digital painting tools including oils, watercolors, pencils, crayons, etc., for to create killer images. Unleash your imagination and creativity to create amazing images. Let me show you a software for brilliantly differentiated themselves from the competition.

This graphics program unlike other 2D software like Photoshop, allows you painting and drawing using a computer, like you have palette and brush in hand. With this graphics software, you don’t have to worry about to consume your colors, pencils, sheets of paper or anything else, since you work in digital.

ArtRage is a digital painting and drawing software, it’s created by Ambient Design Ltd, this is a graphics program that allows the user to painting and drawing a picture through simulation of brushes and others artistic tools.

ArtRage is an amazing digital painting software will afford you many advantages, with many tools built, allows you to create amazing pictures. It allows you to adjust the pressure, the amount of paint you need, a lot of choice of colors, etc. The negative side of digital painting software like ArtRage is you will need of a graphics tablet like Wacom, this is a device for drawing a variable line depending on stylus pressure. A graphics tablet is better efficiency than a mouse for drawing on the computer. If you take seriously contemplating purchasing of ArtRage, ask yourself if you want to buy a graphics tablet, if you don’t want to spend money for a Wacom, then don’t buy ArtRage.

Krita is a good alternative to ArtRage, with Krita you can painting and drawing free, because Krita is an open source software. So. why should you buy ArtRage if Krita is free? Because ArtRage has more tools of Krita. If you want to try Krita =>

User Interface of ArtRage is simple and intuitive to use, it’s UI offer such a high degree of customization. If you want a graphics software for to create awesome images for your blog, ArtRage is a good choice.

Try a trial version of ArtRage 5 =>




  1. Gotama

    Sono davvero impedito in questo campo XD ma ho ancora una vecchia tavoletta grafica della wakom, comprata quattro o cinque anni fa frazie a una combinazione di curiosità e offerta, magari ci provo

  2. Miguel A. Cabanes

    Painting is not one of my gifts but my girlfriend loves to do it: she paints with watercolors and watercolors markers, etc., so I’m sure she will like to visit the site you propose and have a lot of fun.
    Thanks for sharing!