So we have all heard of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) at some point in our lives. There’s this company I want to talk about today called Arround that is centering in the first, AR. Why? Because while virtual reality creates a totally virtual environment which isolates you from the real world, augmented reality builds on top of existing reality, enhancing the human experience not by replacing it.

What is Arround?

Arround is a unique decentralised infrastructure that supports an augmented reality ecosystem that tackles existing problems in various profitable industries. Lets take a look at what Arround is solving.

AR Social

AR social is the social network native to the Arround ecosystem powered by blockchain and AR technology. It also uses GPS and spatial recognition technologies to fully provide a rich AR experience to the end user, where they can create, share and view AR content using their smartphone, interact with applications within the social network and ensuring the privacy of their data with smart contracts. Sounds like the whole package doesn’t it?

The AR AdNet

And what if we combined this social power the network will have with commerce? We get the most disruptive mobile marketing solution in the world, based in Augmented reality. What Arround is solving here is the need of offline retailers to engage effectively with their potential customers. E-commerce and online advertising has driven away traffic from brick and mortar stores and funnelled most of public’s attention to online media, advertising and shopping. With the AR proposal of Arround, brands will have the opportunity to engage with their customers through an AR experience thus engaging them more in the geographic location instead of the online site. Just imagine brands and local business being able to deploy advertising campaigns that don’t require an expensive billboard, or sometimes an ineffective online ad. Imagine the customer being able to scan with his/her phone around the area and be able to see promotions, discounts, offers and other material that is not polluting the city visually or invading the user’s privacy. Advertisers will be able to fully engage with the customers and also have usual metrics centralized platforms provide such as campaign management, reports and analytics, tariff plans, etc.

AR Map

Lets now talk about 3D maps. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technology (SLAM) generates a map of the environment in real time, allowing AR objects to be place right in front of the smartphone. This depends on the data that is gathered about the physical location which sometimes can be incomplete. Encouraging users to map their areas supports Arround decentralization philosophy, while rewarding the users for doing so. This will help internally and externally, think of restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, outlets, cinemas, universities, etc being mapped so they can enjoy a full AR experience. With the boom of AR technology, other companies will need detailed maps like the ones Arround posses. These become digital assets that could be potentially be exchanged for ARR tokens, thus driving demand to the ecosystem. This is how the process will look like:

AR Store

AR content will be huge, and Arround is letting everyone participate in creating it with a marketplace where users can list their AR content and offer them in the platform. This is with the help of a powerful SDK and API that lets third party developers participate and develop in the network.

Token Model

The ecosystem will be driven by its utility token, the ARR token. These tokens allow the users to purchase or lease digital items or services and are also the unit of exchange for the AdNet. These tokens power the ecosystem with smart contracts. This tokenized business model will allow Arround become profitable through advertising as well as leasing map data. The tokens will benefit the users with discounts, bonuses and rewards because advertisers can reward users for engaging with their campaign with ARR tokens. Income will also come from blockchain node holders that will verify transactions and charge a fee that will go to the Network Development Fund.

So what about supply of these tokens?

There’s going to be 1,450,000,000 sold in the presale, and 245,000,000 sold in the main sale. The price of one ARR token will be set at 0.035 USD. For every token sold in the ICO 0.77 of a token will be automatically created for The Community Development Fund (CDF), thus making the total supply up to 3,000,000,000. You can read more in detail all the information related to the token sale in their white paper and website.



The competitive landscape looks promising for Arround because they are consolidating products and services within their own ecosystem that can address most problems various industries are facing: social networks, commerce and advertising. They are enhancing these industries with the help of blockchain technology and AR which will make Arround a big competitor in the future.

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