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  1. Infosion

    Never heard that: “Luck is acting on opprtunity” Great quote!
    Also thanks very much for this other kind of passive income, didn’t know this also. Thanks for sharing all this!

      1. Ajay Konale

        First of all how did they decide value of 1 Keep token = 1 ETH. Value of any token is to be determined by market force not by the issuer.
        Second they are giving ETH for promotion like 0.1 ETH!!! This is huge.
        If it is too good to be true. Then it is definitely a scam

      2. Ajay Konale

        Look at the telegram group… It is only one way communication. All they talk about free ETH. Definitely it is scam to collect user date like email id, ETH address etc

    1. Jake McCormick Post author

      Yes, definitely. At first i thought scam, but after looking into it, it ‘s legit, they have a team in place, good whitepaper, and some good reviews out there from the ICO / Airdrop review sites. It’s Risk free so i’m giving it a go. I’ll do another post to review it, once the airdrop has finished and I’ve been staking for 100,000 blocks (around 15 days according to their whitepaper)



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