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60 years,

60 years, may let the sea turns into a mulberry field, the coin prices soaring 10 ~ 30.

I like old coin, but many people do not like it. my loved one said coin is dirty, but I like it, coin Representing / history / Connotation / source / life / Value


Republic of China 49 years

Material:Nickel Copper

Ingredients:Copper 55% zinc 27% nickel 18%


Thickness:1.59 MM

Diameter:25 MM

Collection value: 5 TWD ~ 15 TWD = 0.165 USD ~ 0.495 USD

Coin positive:梅花、年份、臺灣銀行

Coin back:蝴蝶蘭、壹圓

circulation:do not know

issue date:1960/9/15

Deactivation date:1981/12/8

60 years of change – 1 became to 10

60 years ago,

When I was a child,

1 NTW can buy 10 lollipops.

2 NTW can buy a popsicle.

4 NTW can buy 1 comic book.

5 NTW can eat a bowl of large noodles.

I work 2 years , can buy a house .

Now, 60 years later.

buy 10 lollipops need 20 NTW.

buy a popsicle need 10 NTW.

buy 1 comic book need 75 NTW.

eat a bowl of large noodles need 60 NTW .

buy a house, need work 20 years.

And now the 10 yuan coin and the previous 1 yuan coin

Almost the same

so say, 60 years , 1 change to 10

coin Multiple 10

Add one 0

A half TWD ( 5 dimes )

Republic of China 43 years


Ingredients:Copper 92% Aluminum 8%


Thickness:1.76 MM

Diameter:27 MM

Collection value: 10 TWD ~ 50 TWD = 0.33 USD ~ 1.65 USD

Coin positive:國父孫中山人像中華民國四十三年五月二十日

Coin back:台灣省五角

circulation:279,624,000 pieces.

issue date:1954/5/20

Deactivation date:1981/12/8

This is the remaining coin used when I was a child. The main currency is 1 TWD, but many goods and merchants sell 3 pieces for 2 TWD, so issue A half TWD to use, but me rarely used it.

when I was child, I Rarely to use 1/2 NTW, If I received 1/2 NTW, I would hide it, Because 1/2 NTW is larger than 1 NTW. when I was child, I think 1/2 NTW worth > 1 NTW. (becouse it better big), But 1/2 NTW can only buy half things, So there is a feeling of being cheated (when I was child), so I didn’t use 1/2 NTW .

Copper coins in the picture,

What is the value?

If copper is to be sold,

Just can sell 1 NTW,

Because copper has risen,

So now 1 NTW only half size of old one NTW,

now, the same weight coins, it is not 1 NTW, is 10 NTW.

Said that prices have soared 10 times,

Mainly based on house prices.

I used to work for 2 years to buy a house, now would buy a house need to work 20 years.

we these place, already 20 years , wages have not risen,

The government says wages have at least 2 multiple,

That is the basic salary.

Most people isn’t the basic salary,

As early as 20 years ago, her salary was 2.5 multiple higher than the basic salary.

But now capital wages have 2 multiple.

Their salary is the same as 20 years ago.

so they there is no sense of value.

Because thier work was tired and annoying, Previous salary is 2.5 times that of others, but now it’s almost like someone else.

so think her working not sense go on.

So a country’s monetary policy and Salary policy Is very important,

Raising the basic salary is not the most correct,

Because basic salary only in some industries and new Staff.

Other industries and old Staff rarely give basic wages

So the wages increase Should not basic salary, Should is industries wages.

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    1. Cloud blade Post author

      Wonderful is 1/2 NTW volume and weight >1 NTW.
      At that time,
      My age very small (young),
      Unable to understanding the larger coins can only buy half things.

    1. Cloud blade Post author

      Buddy –
      What you describe is really good.
      Older Brother Born in 1954 Weight 7G Value 0.5
      younger Brother Born in 1960 Weight 6G Value 1
      So in the eyes of ther parents
      better love is the younger brother.