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To continue my previous analysis, I had to dig a bit deeper into the Trybe blockchain.

Now we will look at the coin pre-sales rate since begining.

The below graph is the number of unique users that have bought Trybe coins from pre-sales.

Showing a linear growth of quantity of accounts.

Very healthy for a post start-up business but at start up, what is worth celebrating is an exponential growth.

We have 668 unique accounts as seen, adopted the pre-sales with a linear rate.

Then the next question should be, what is the purchase rate ( trust rate ) of these 668 accounts on pre-sales TRYBE tokens.

The answer is below graph :

As expected, almost linear growth until November, even "zero" growth after 20 November but accelerated rush close to air-drops.

As I will continue to analyze, I assume that I will see a linear and almost stagnant graph till close to next airdrop.

I already discussed these graphs with Tom Norwood and requested some data from him to complete the analysis.

The presales data can be found in the blockchain but since the Trybe-io user quantity can not be reached I needed his help.

Being transparent as always he shared the dapp data with me.


It seems we have 16 000+ users registered to

668 users, who bought from pre-sales vs. 16 000+ registered users.

The reason is simple I guess, people can find Trybe tokens cheaper than pre-sales in exchanges.

So, dear Tom this should be a message for you :)

The last graph I want to share is the market status of Trybe.

This graph is also supplied by Tom and it is again showing that, the market volume is increasing close to airdrops as expected.

So let me share my comments as summary :

1- Token pre-sales rate is linear - people prefer exchanges. Pre-sales advantages must be increased vs exchange prices.

2- 16 000 + users in 7 months, 668 pre-sales buyers - look above.

3- Token presales increase close to airdrops - is it possible to give further advantages, increase frequency of airdrops?

I would really appreciate different prespectives in the comments.


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      1. peter S

        Only the fact that you are financially supporting a startup. When you buy in (pre-)sale, the funds go to the company. When you buy on an exchange, it is a transfer that has no purpose for the startup, except one can calculate its value based on a market price at an exchange. If your only intention is to get cheap tokens, never buy in ICO unless you are certain it can only go up (and who can tell that..?). If you want to support the concept nad like the business case, consider it an investment to make it happen.

        1. firedream Post author

          Very clear statement, I wouldn’t agree more.
          I have to find a way to see how many actual wallets are there with Trybe in it…I will check for that to find the real situation.
          pre-sales buyers vs market buyers.

  1. miti

    It was exceptionally interesting to read your article because it has confirmed some of my suspicions about pre-sales and airdrop. Building an interesting pre-sale takes much more commitment.

  2. Conceptskip

    Another good research article, yes there is a discrepancy, between token sales and amount of users. On the other hand you can make tokens on the platform as well, and as you say, the sales currently is not that incentivising. Although they are giving out an additional airdrop for buyers, you wont get as user.

  3. Sheik Sharifuddin

    I agree with Mr. Peter’s comments. If the ICO is not a hit(meaning no funds), then even if people buy tokens from the exchange, there is no use..The value of a token depends on how well the project performs. Therefore, no funds=no success.

  4. Dukefish

    Only just discovered this post on pre sale tokens now, Id be really interested if you are going to do some more analysis on the trybe accounts.

    As the next airdrop will give an extra 1 million tokens to the top 50 holders each month id be very keen to know what the values are in order to be part of that group.

    I still think top 50 is too narrow of a margin but I could be wrong.