Often times I’m with my head in the clouds, or above the clouds actually, because space is still the ultimate frontier… Must be something my childhood experiences with Star Trek, Blake’s 7, Doctor Who, Star Wars and Battlestar Glactica have done to me. I’m an incurable fan of everything science fiction or fantasy and as a consequence I’ve lived much of my life with my head floating around somewhere up there…


Later in life I discovered that there’s still so much to discover right here, on Earth; most of the deep sea isn’t explored yet. In fact, I suspect we know more about the surface of the Moon than we know about the surface of the Earths oceans. Today however, I’d like to focus your attention on one of the many mysteries still unsolved about our own human history. There are, spread around the globe, many megalithic structures that we can’t explain. Well… We know what they are, but we don’t know how they came to be and there’s still debate about their age.

If you think, like I do, that the Pyramids of Gizeh are an almost impossible feat of human architecture, then you just begin to see how much of our past is still unexplained. I mean, the pictures in schoolbooks that show hundreds of slaves pulling stone blocks of many hundreds, sometimes thousands of tons, are testament af how little we know. In many documentaries I’ve seen modern architects and construction workers scratching their heads when asked if something like those pyramids could be built today; they can’t. Not only the amount of weight to be transported, but also the extreme precision of the structure baffles modern minds.

But there’s so much more. Like the statues of Easter Island. The famous abstract heads are heavy enough on their own, but now we’ve discovered that for some of them, the head is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg; there’s a whole body buried underground. What about the foundation stones from temples in Baalbek, Lebanon? These monsters weigh in at over 1000 tons and had to be moved uphill to be incorporated in the temples on top of the hill. With our current understanding of human evolution and history, we’d have to accept that these impossible feats of megalithic architecture were accomplished by people with stone or bronze tools. In some cases even before the wheel was invented! This is not possible. We can’t explain these structures or stones with what we know now.

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There’s an increasing number of researchers that have come to the conclusion that many of these wonders are much older that initially thought; search the web for the pyramids and you’ll find a ton of articles and videos that place the pyramids and Sphinx of Gizeh 10,000 to 12,000 BC, in a time when Egypt wasn’t a desert yet. Also the many megalithic temples in south America are from around the same period. The stones in the walls of these structures are placed so precisely and fit so well, that you van’t even fit a piece of paper between them, 10,000 years after construction. The stones are often polygonal and seeing these walls is like looking at a magnificent jigsaw puzzle fit for giants.

Just watch the video below to get an impression of how super our ancestors were. There’s this modern monument with a 340 ton boulder lifted on top of a concrete trench; a special truck with nearly 200 wheels had to be built to move that stone at a speed of 7 km/h in 2006 or 2007… And this rock is a small one compared to the megaliths of 12,000 years ago. So forget those pictures of slaves pulling stones; a large part of our history is lost, so I won’t rule out the possibility that there existed one or more long lost advanced civilizations.


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