Good evening to all … after talking about my native country I would like to talk about the most beautiful and fascinating places in Puglia ..Going down towards Puglia we can find the bleak and famous landscape of the Murge of the trulli of Alberobello.


The capital of the trulli: we can find thousands of these features real houses all gathered in the monumental area where near the beautiful church you can admire the Trullo Sovrano with its 15 meters high.


from pixabay


Trullo is a word that derives from the Greek and means “dome”.The building, as you can see in the photos, presents a simple dome-shaped construction with dry-stone construction, placing the stones on top of each other in concentric circles.


The thing that makes these monuments even more special and mysterious are the signs drawn on the domes with white lime, they are said to be religious symbols of Christian origin, but there are also Pagani, astrological or simply geometric and floral shapes.Many can be easily deciphered thanks to a simple cross, while others are even enigmatic or others with reminiscences of ancient cults, as scholars say that primitive peoples celebrated in the forests!

A  really beautiful and unique country where I had the opportunity to go there as a child on a school trip where you can take very little interest and go back as an adult interested more in detail .. There have been many scenes of film or fiction as Beatiful in a magical marriage to the trulli of Alberobello; so we can be sure that the fame of this beautiful village located in the heart of Puglia is also in America and other parts of the world.

I hope you enjoyed this post and who knows there was a desire for a little trip in my opinion very romantic and even spend a night inside a trullo …

image source :pixabay

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