Are humans less intelligent? So that humans need artificial intelligence to sustain life now and in the future?

Will humans have a heavy dependence on artificial intelligence? So who applies artificial intelligence, where?

A little of that question just left in my mind, when I saw the development of technology from day to day, there were always new discoveries that were up-to-date and astounding.

If you have ever read the latest novel from Dan Brown – Origin, then I make sure you will understand, a little more about AI, a long story involving the help of a super sophisticated AI computer named Winston. It began when he “split himself” to be in hundreds of gadget to guide museum visitors at Casa Mila in Barcelona.

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Do you want to be interviewed by a robot?

And now, the development of AI technology is increasingly advanced, a company, the Triplebyte Company, has developed artificial intelligence technology to interview candidates. What happened? the technology they create will determine the fit for each candidate interviewed.

Quoted from news coverage 6, Jeremy Phelps, a well-known candidate, has managed to get a job, after he went through the interview process with Taggar company that uses artificial intelligence.

How in your country?

China is Optimistic

Who doesn’t know China? When people begin to worry about technological advancements that will take over human work, China, which is now leading the world digital economy, has a different view.

According to the survey results, 73 percent of people in China positively influence the influence of digital technology, not only that, but they also believe in the ability of AI to overcome social challenges and create new jobs.

And according to several sources that I read, in China, not only the government, business people from various sectors also received artificial intelligence technology, this was seen from the businessmen who had just started, to the businessmen who had been there all this time.


Germany also hopes to 1st rank in the world

For future technology cases, not only China, but the German government also wants to make it the most important thing. Germany will strengthen the field of exchange between natural and economic sciences, besides, Germany will also facilitate the establishment of companies.

So that artificial intelligence can be relied on for something that helps people, is a tough challenge. Because now artificial intelligence can be used, such as language assistants, cars without drivers, and machines that are capable of learning.

Many things are up to now (apparently) difficult for AI – human intelligence, but for Informatics it is relatively unproblematic. For example: transforming equations, solving integral equations, making chess games or Backgammon. On the other hand, things that for humans seem to demand a little intelligence, until now are still difficult to realize in Informatics. For example, Object Introduction / Advance, playing soccer.

I myself, very optimistic, if someday artificial intelligence will outperform humans, and most importantly, humans must always be able to do good, and harmony of life between one another will be created. Science lovers, what do you think? Let’s make Trybe a place to take various references about science. I love it.

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  1. Jungle Onion

    I think that ai will see us humans as obsolete because we dont let it reach perfection. That could make the ai hostile and aggressive but theres also a chance it can be belevolent ai.

      1. Workin2005

        Unless we’re already in the MATRIX and just don’t know it. Haha…Joking.
        I agree, God is always in control, but He gives us free will, allowing us to make mistakes. That’s where things get a little concerning.

  2. safwadi

    Kecerdasan buatan tetap tidak akan mengungguli manusia, karena kecerdasan ittu adalah butan manusia,, sedangkan manusia adalah ciptaan allah yang paling sempurna,, thank for your sience..



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