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JAVA has one of the best “easy to learn” to “much to gain from” ratios … if you can call it like that 😉

What I mean by that … You’ll probably find easily something more “easy” to learn when it comes to coding. But most of these languages might then be very limited in what they may offer for your potential project developments. And compared to something more similar, like for example C, Java is normally for most people way easier to learn to see first success and improvements from your results. Just to name one big difference between JAVA and C is that you don’t have to make up your mind about memory allocation management in JAVA. There’s something doing this job for you automatically. It’s called the “Java Garbage Collector”. Here’s what Oracle, the business behind JAVA, says about it:

What is Automatic Garbage Collection?
Automatic garbage collection is the process of looking at heap memory, identifying which objects are in use and which are not, and deleting the unused objects. An in use object, or a referenced object, means that some part of your program still maintains a pointer to that object. An unused object, or unreferenced object, is no longer referenced by any part of your program. So the memory used by an unreferenced object can be reclaimed.
a programming language like C, allocating and deallocating memory is a manual process. In Java, process of deallocating memory is handled automatically by the garbage collector.


In short: This usually makes your life as a programmer easier! And this is only one example where JAVA shows that its more “programmer friendly” compared to other languages.

Also, JAVA has a good amount of stuff that is done for your BUT still gives you a lot of freedom in coding. An example: There are defined types for variables. Like for example numbers are most of the time Integers or float/double and text is usually defined as String or char. But if you want to, you can create your own Objects or work with Anytypes as well.

If this is already to technical for you, don’t worry! If you’re new to programming, this will all make sense later on in this series.. 😉

If you manage to learn the basics about JAVA once, you’ll have to spend much less effort into learning new programming languages – if you need to or want to at some future point. And also the other way around: If you already have some experience in other programming languages you can probably get into JAVA very quick. You can see results coming very fast compared to some other programming languages.

But even if you have no experience at all, don’t worry! This will all be an easy to follow, step by step guide with some good usable code examples which you can change for your needs and gain some experience programming JAVA by doing that. All you need is either a Windows, Linux or MAC Desktop system to be able to install and run everything. In the end of this series you’ll be then able to easily code some JAVA on your own.

Stay tuned, in the next chapter of this series we will have a deeper look at what you can all gain from learning to program JAVA.



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  1. Luke Phoenix

    Cool to see @infosion! I look forward to checking this series out. I hope you will write an intro to programming. I am working to learn to code, I’m just finishing CSS courses and starting into Javascript soon. 🙂

    1. Infosion Post author

      Nice 🙂 Yeah, I’m looking forward to give a short intro into “everything” you need to write some JAVA code: The basics about for example classes, variables and things like the main function to get a good intro into the most important fundamentals of JAVA. I’m going to do a little bit of GUI design also and further on some other cool stuff that is JAVA related and gives you for example the possibility to create websites (in HTML, CSS & Javascript) with the help of JAVA.
      This sounds very good, it’s allways good to know about CSS and Javascript nowadays. Think this can all help you also there in the end!



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