Last month, exactly on October 27, is a special date for my state, Indonesia. The date is set by the government as National Electricity Day. In everyday life, electricity is a necessity, especially in the era of all gadgets and various technologies like now. Electricity has become a major need for us, humanity.

As we know, electricity has only been used for approximately 250 years ago, but actually, before that knowledge about electricity also existed. Even though we have merges with electricity in our daily lives and understand electrical properties, but not infrequently, many of us still think that electricity is the latest finding, several hundred years before today.

Then, what if we look further, long before the golden times of electricity discovery are created and live side by side with humans? Okay, because I also just found out about this. we will both see and read it.

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Ancient Egypt?

According to some of my finding sources, mention that Ancient Egyptian texts dating from 2750 BC have written about electrical knowledge in these texts. Maybe you’ve known the “Thunderer of the Nile”, it’s an eel and electric stingray. Well, from those fish electrical introduction is known.

Thousands of years later, natural experts and doctors from Greece, Rome, and Ancient Arabia made reports about fish that could sting the electricity. In fact, some of them also proved that the two fish could have a deadly effect if they stung the victims.

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Is there anything else, other than Egypt? 

No, knowledge about electricity has also been known from ancient cultures around the Mediterranean. people know there when rubbing a resin rod with cat hair to attract light objects like bird feathers.

Now, electricity is something that is inseparable from humans, this is not a thing that happens by itself, but for the effort that has been achieved by various scientists from the past, for us to enjoy today.

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This is the conclusion of me, to honor the inventors of electricity, to enjoy today, and the goal of making the universe environmentally friendly, let us together, we as human beings, have to save electricity, because that has become part of our lives.

Of course, we were not only introduced to Michael Faraday, the inventor of electricity who had been exposed, and thanks to his discovery, he was later dubbed the ‘Father of Electricity’. However, Michael Faraday has been known as a scientist who has learned many things. Well, Trybe users and friends, if you have different views and have several things to share so that we can add electricity knowledge, please provide your comments.

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  1. miti

    Molto interessante, amico mio! Oggi l’elettricità sta diventando sempre più importante perchè sta sostituiendo i combustibili fossili grazie alle fonti rinnovabili il che renderà la nostra aria più pulita e l’energia elettrica più accessibile a tutti.

  2. Cahlen Lee

    I was just doing some research yesterday which seems to indicate that the Great Pyramids in Eqypt were actually power plants. They worked similar to how Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower was supposed to work, which was going to provide free wireless energy to the world before JP Morgan shutdown the project when he learned it wouldn’t earn him any money.

    1. TRUTH(@i-am)

      I think there is possibly much truth to that concept,,, including the Domes and obelisks found around the word, always next to water….. all those domes had towers with “atenne” and seem a lot like Tesla’s Wardenclyffe dome.

      1. Cahlen Lee

        Exactly, many of the buildings we still use today seem to have originally been built as energy harvesters for the local community. Seeing as some of these buildings are in pristine shape, we knew about this technology fairly recently. How did we lose this knowledge?

    2. Mawardi Ismail Post author

      @cahlen: Wow! That’s really an amazing finding. Egypt does have a lot of secrets, and we now know that electricity is there. Long before the world made electrical devices like now.



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