Is that truly possible?

The first thought that came into my mind was about how our Lord Jesus was conceived.

We Christians believed in miracle and we shout Hallelujah when we hear testimonies but some of these are just hard to believe

But then, let’s leave miracle out of this case as the girl who got pregnant was not ready for a child in the first place, she was not even promised that she would give birth to a savior.

I took to Goole to find out if I could get anything out of it, then I came across the the word DRY HUMPING, a process where by two or more individuals gain sexual pleasure by moving against each other without taking off their clothes or under wears

This dry humping can also cause a girl to be pregnant because semen can soak through fabric to make contact with her sexual organ.

Another method that could one to be pregnant without having sex is Artificial Insemination, this is not new to many as I deemed

But the case that got me wondering was that the girl in question had what they call “lap sex” ( I don’t know if that is the official name for it)

In this case, the clothes will be off but there would be no penetration.

Couldn’t it be that she thought it was the lap sex that got her pregnant because that is what she could remembered she did or have been doing?

Can it be possible she was drugged or drunk before the process?

A guy was rather funny saying that only sharp shooters could accomplished that (giving the idea as if they could shoot shoot semen from the outside without touching any other part, straight to the ovary like snipers do with their rifles)

Somebody puts its straight that “if he gets sex, she gets pregnant” meaning in whatever way she could give sex to a male, she could also get pregnant that way.

Its kind of painful in that after going through a number of measures to avoid pregnancy and having a less than satisfying pleasure, it still occurred.

Please leave a comment below about the possibility on impossibility of this.

I’m still trying the determine the veracity of this issue, someday, some of us are going to have daughters, and this is something we should let them know, most especially mothers because they are in the best position to discuss this with the daughters

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