Breaking things apart is all we do. To manage our world we break that which is too large to understand into smaller components and try to understand the whole by describing the smaller parts. And when we put it all back together we’re surprised to find the whole to be more than the sum of it’s parts…

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Our western mindsets are a result of centuries of fragmentation, of subdividing all aspects of our universe into manageable bites, beginning with the separation of the self. I am here, and the world is “out there”. Then we separate eternity into past, present and future; “now” is the infinitesimal small point in time where past and future get separated, and therefore we never live in the now. The year 2018 is about to end to give way for 2019, so we can start over, subdividing a whole new years into months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. But time is just another way of separation, of measuring. In reality “now” is the only real time and it is eternal; it’s always “now”.

Science as developed in the western cultures, tries to find answers about the nature of reality by breaking up reality in ever smaller parts. The largest man made machine in history, the Large Hedron Collider, is dedicated to that goal specifically: it accelerates sub-atomic particles to almost light-speed in opposite directions on a 27 km circular track, to smash them together, breaking them up in even smaller parts.

We see our society as a collection of individuals. That’s because we’ve separated our true self from our personality. When we think about ourself, we think about our personality. Self-consciousness is the ability to be aware of one’s own awareness. We can think about our thoughts and about our actions. But our thoughts are not who we are, they are a representation of who we are, much like the menu in a restaurant is the representation of the food. Of these two, the food is the real thing, just like your true self is the real thing and your thoughts are not.

All this is hard to grasp for someone like me, who has learned to look at the world with a western mindset, and measures everything, forgetting that the measurement is not the thing. Money isn’t wealth, it’s a measurement of wealth. You can’t eat your money when stranded on an island. To survive you need plants, animals and companionship, and that is real wealth. 2019 and 2018 are just numbers, one of the many divisions we’ve made in the whole that is reality. We are not apart, everything relates to everything else and does so continuously in an everlasting now.

Listen to Allan Watts in the video below; he’s so much better at explaining why it’s important to overcome our stubborn habit of separating ourself from reality by labeling and categorizing it. And he has a gong to. And I have no time left 😉 Happy new year!


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