I will extend my five-part Yum.games (https://yum.games) series if there are bigger news. In this special article about Yum.games I would like to mention some minor updates that are also worth mentioning. If you want to follow the development so far, you can read the first, second, third, fourth and fifth part of this Yum.games series.

Let’s go…

1. Lucky Draw

Without much excitement Yum.games introduced “Lucky Draw”. You can get a lucky draw chance if you play once with a bet amount greater than 0.5 EOS within 1 hour, up to 10 times a day. Below is the corresponding screenshot.

2. Changing EOS node

There is another small new feature called Changing EOS node. Now, you can click on the “WI-FI” icon upper right corner at the top of the Yum.games website to choose a faster node of your location. Below is the corresponding screenshot.

3. Announcement

Even if it seems quiet, Yum.games is constantly working on updates. To visualize this and to make even small updates transparent, there is now the section “Announcement”. You can get to this section by clicking on “Announcement” in the upper main menu at the top of the website. Below is the corresponding screenshot.

4. Game Contracts

The game contracts are important to create transparency. Blockchains projects in particular are predestined for maximum transparency. Blockchain based projects are ultimately so successful for exactly this reason. It is therefore essential to know the game contracts. In the following I list the game contracts of Yum.games:

  • Game: Red Packet; Contract: yumredpacket; Fairness: Based on current_time, tapos_block_num, tapos_block_prefix
  • Game: Heads or Tails; Contract: yumsflipcoin; Fairness: Based on block_hash
  • Game: Dice; Contract: yumgamesdice; Fairness: Based on block_hash

The game contracts can be found by clicking on “Dividends” in the main menu at the top of the website and then scrolling down to the bottom. Below is the corresponding screenshot.

5. Next Plans

In order to assess whether a project is a worthwhile investment, plans and future prospects are important in addition to past developments. Here are the plans of Yum.games for the further course. Yum.games have received many suggestions. They will consider every suggestions you give very carefully, and do some targeted optimization during this week. The following is some plans:

  1. Yum.games will set a deadline for Red Packet. If a Red Packet waits for too long, they will return the EOS back, so players can release the EOS.
  2. Yum.games will modify the dividends system, make the calculation more efficiently.
  3. Yum.games will prepare some new big events, give players and users some real profits to thank you for the help.
  4. The Dice and BlackJack are both on the final test, Yum.games will launch them both as soon as they are finished, please wait patiently.

Below is the corresponding screenshot.

6. Mining

Mining is now open for all three games. You can mine YUM token now.

7. Price

Since the ICO, the price of the YUM tokens has halved. But that’s not really surprising, as there have only been two games so far. Since now Dice is released, the transactions will increase and so will the price. For you this is good news, because now you can buy YUM tokens at a cheap price via Newdex.

I increased my investment to over 1 million YUM.

Here you get to the Yum.games website.

In which gambling dapps are you invested and what do you think about Yum.games?