Previously, I wrote about some guidelines which streamlined some key sacrifices which anyone aspiring to be successful should make. You can find the part 1 of this article here just In Case you missed it.

Today I will be writing about some further sacrifices which are paramount to your  road to success.

1.SPORTS: A lot of people out there knows the history and background of every player in EPL, they’ve been following such players right from the inception of thier career till were they are today. If you find yourself doing this, trust me it will only kill your time and leads you to a dead end. So you need to diminish the hours you dedicate to sports.

2. OVER-EATING: your intake controls your output. Overeating can lead to excessive weight gain, sluggishness, and some certain ailments. So you must decide what you want to eat and how much you want to eat because your health is your biggest wealth.

3. LAZINESS: laziness is a deadly disease and once you’re infected by it, you won’t get anything done. Laziness can take different forms. To some people, it’s financial laziness, some its physical laziness, why to some, its mental laziness. Laziness is not the actions that you don’t take but the mindset that you don’t have. You have to spend some time investing in yourself.


4. EXTENDED FAMILY: I know this sounds hypocritical but if you spend multiple hours with every family member, then you are not going to get anything done. You must learn good conversational use of your time to the fullest. This does not mean you should completely turn down every invitation from your siblings. But you must pick the key events to attend.

5. TIME: time is priceless but yet, free to everyone. We all have 24 hours a day. But how you use this time solely depends on you. If you don’t learn how to take absolute Control of your time then you can never take control of  your life. You can never be the same age again. You only have 1 year to enjoy the age that you are currently. Take control of the time that you have instead of worrying about the time that you don’t have.


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Thanks for reading and hope you put these few tips to good use. Your comments are highly welcomed!

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  1. Sheik Sharifuddin

    Well, we need to manage the work and the personal life. Instead of watching sports, we can play a few..that will really help in keeping mind and body in shape. We can attend to family events as frequently as we can, but we should limit socializing. Supportive family, friends and people who can motivate us are more important that following than a strict regime.



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