Everyone wants to be successful, that’s why we have different people all around the world engaged in one activity or the other, in a bid to not only survive but also thrive. Some people are thriving, while others are surviving, and lastly, there are those that are barely making it by through life daily. Life, as we have come to know is very hard, and we have to regularly look for inspiration and motivation to keep on going, because the possibility of achieving our dreams, is what makes the endeavour worth it.

In this post we will look at success from the point of a tool I believe we all must have made use of at one point in our lives or the other – The Pencil. And I hope to draw some inspiration by analyzing some interesting facts about the pencil. The pencil just like anything object is made of certain constituents that make it relevant in today’s world as a tool for education and learning.

We will explore those distinguishing factors, and how it can help us succeed

Constant Resharpening

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We all know that the pencil which is a structurally simple tool is made up of a barrel, which is usually carved out of wood. The barrel is hollow and makes the majority of the pencil, and inside the barrel is the lead, the lead is the black component that we use in writing, it is what leaves a mark on the sheet of paper whenever we use the pencil. In the case of a pencil, the constant resharpening means the whenever the lead of the pencil becomes dull, or breaks, the pencil needs to be re-sharpened.

If pencils have the ability to feel, I am certain that the sharpening process will be a painful experience, but the result speaks for itself. We too as humans must go through that sharpening process and this comes in form of painful experiences and challenges, which comes to us when we least expect them, and it our duty to respond to the challenges with courage in order to address them. This is what builds one’s character, and makes one a better person, pain and lack builds one up and make him tenacious.

We can Erase our Mistakes

One of the useful components of the pencil is its eraser, as it can help one erase mistakes and then we can use the pencil the write the wrong. Life can be like that too, although we can’t necessarily go back in time to right a wrong, what we can do is view our mistakes as lessons to learn from, and when we do this, then we have learnt from them and they become experiences we can apply later in the future when a similar scenario occurs again. Then we can say we’ve learnt from our mistake, we have erased that mistake we made earlier.

Challenges come to us all, it is how we react to respond to these challenges that determine the quality of person that we are, and how far we can go in life. With this eraser concept in our minds, I believe it can help us view mistakes a little differently.

Leave your mark

Just like the pencil whenever you use the pencil to write, it leaves behind a mark, you too should do the same thing. Wherever you are, and whatever you do, always strive to achieve excellence, because then and only then you can leave a strong mark that will be positively remembered. Leaving a mark can also be in a negative light, for example, Adolf Hitler is known around the world, but he is known for genocide, which is in a negative light. So we should endeavour to leave a positive mark in the world we live in, just like the pencil.

Lastly, no matter what you do, and where you go, always remember that the most important part of you is what lies inside of you


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  1. helmibireuen

    Kegagalan adalah sebuah keberhasilan yang tertunda, sevuah motivasi yang hagus untuk tetap semangat dan terus berusaha untuk maju dan memperoleh sebuah keberhasilan.
    Terima kasih sudah berbagi @yandot

  2. Zeus69

    Hey @Yandot, I love this post, I like the way you have compared life to pencils. Nice psychological way of looking at yourself. I will forward this on.
    Cheers and thanks.
    Mark (Zeus69)



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