Hello folks !  i am new here and this is my first post on trybe. anyway  If you got down-vote from plagiarism cleaners community For your images then don’t worry here i have solution for you. Why not you use commercial free images ?

Trybe is the place where duplicate content not allowed and i think every platform don’t like duplicate content. Because clean , clear and unique platform attract new user and Develop Easily.

It is helpful for rank trybe on search easily. and if trybe’s has good and original articles then those article will rank on different keywords and drive traffic on trybe.

Image source

So for better steemit we should contribute unique content. If you have own captured images, Use here or else you can also choose the option of commercial free image.

So if you have question that how to find commercial free images then here we go :

1- Pixabay : Pixbay is the one of the most popular website to get stock free images. Guys there are many photographers who providing free images for users. So it think this is must try website. Pixabay is y favorite website where i am getting images for my content.  But you can use any of here given websites.

2-Pexels : This is the website where The best free stock photos shared by talented photographers. There are two category trending and new so also check it. Pexels is also similar to unspalsh and pixabay. But you can check the collection on this site too because every website has different images by different photographers.

3- Unsplash : Beautiful and free photos. And it’s Gifted by the world’s most generous group of photographers. So this is also best option to download free photos.

So i hope you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to hit like button and also share this post. You can follow my blog to get latest update.

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  1. James Diegel

    Hi mansuri imran !! And yes, its complicated in this day and age to get proper images in articles without infringing on others rights. Thanks for the review of stock images – I’m sure at some point I will be using one or two of these sites 😉



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