Firstly, this was published on my WordPress website, which you can find here and is intended for the general, non-crypto based community who follow my music so not much technical coverage for you Trybe folks here. I have left it unmodified. I wish everyone who reads this all the best and thank you for your support on my blogs since I joined the platform! Let’s do this 🙂


It’s great being a loner sometimes, you get the freedom to do whatever you want, including writing a blog on New Year’s Eve haha! So here we are, the end of another year in our short time on Earth but let’s not get too deep on that introspective stuff. I do enough of that throughout the year in my own time but it was a steep learning curve in more ways than one. Let’s have a look at how 2018 shaped up, what tough decisions were made and what exciting things 2019 has in store here at Havey HQ.


Outside of this Drum & Bass, Travel & Blogging world, there is, regrettably, a “normal life” trying to make it’s way in. I made a tough choice to leave a job which, on paper, looked to be perfect but turned out to be well below expectations. The mental health issues it was giving me and the lack of free time was not worth the monthly pay packet. Thankfully, I found a new job that pays a lot less but the free time I have now, well that’s priceless! I was able to get the engine well and truly fired up on the music side of things with some exciting developments on a variety of fronts.

Communities & Collaborations

It really all started with Atom Collector Records, a platform and community that I found at the beginning of 2018, which aims to help independent musicians in a variety of ways. From this, I met a load of talented folks, some of whom being DaveyHub, where we made a track that featured on BBC Introducing 4 times & Juxta, where I combined Trance Drum & Bass with their Rock original, which also got featured on a radio shows (Spotlight On The Artist, Radio Evolved)!


Comeback EP

You know I have to mention this one as it still feels current! This is my newest release and it pretty much tells the familiar story I mentioned earlier in the blog about the job struggles from the first half of the year; about coming back from a tough time?

I’m pretty sure we all face these challenges but I felt compelled to get this released and share my experiences to hopefully help you through your tough times. Keep your eyes peeled on the stories that are coming out as we have had some for Overload and Broken!

Thanks to those who have already bagged their own copy of the EP – it’s available in the store now. Of course, thanks to Gabriela Travels for her amazing artwork too.

2019 Music

I don’t think there will be any signs of slowing down until April on the collaboration front as I have met so many cool people this year from the communities I joined! Collaborations with Bufinjer, WavDr, Bonnie Legion, D-Vine and multiple others in the pipeline, along with a new Electronic Music Collective launching imminently in the new year… Wow, this is just a taste of what you’ll see coming out from Havey HQ! Wonder how I will fit it in with all this travelling…


Well, we like holidays don’t we? I thought I’d roll the dice again and jet set to the other side of the world. I’ll be heading off to Australia and hopefully New Zealand for at least 3 months as I’ve heard some pretty amazing things about that place. But why go travelling again? Why don’t you settle down like a normal person? Ha, me, normal… 🙂

My previous travels involved flying out to meet a tour group where everything in the itinerary was organised so all I needed to do was pay for my flights and tour fee and turn up. What I’m doing in April is basically paying for a flight and turning up in the country haha! No itinerary (yet) and no tour groups (they are expensive actually)!

Better create an itinerary so I can make more of these travel diaries!

I have watched many motivational videos and spent time speaking with people 10 years (or even more) my senior who have travelled around the world, telling me of their travels. The main theme I picked up on was basically, “Why are you even thinking about it?”

The Fear

Well, it’s fear isn’t it really? Fear of going off on my own and venturing completely in to the unknown. I see amazing travel videos from folks who do it full time – look no further than Freedom Junkies and Jacob Laukaitis (I had the pleasure of working with Jacob for a short period in September, driven). When I watch their videos, that makes me feel empowered to do it for the duration of the video.

Then the video ends, I come back down again and the feeling of fear creeps in. That’s why it took me 3 months to decide if I was even going to go travelling – I was thinking about it. I’ve grown up being a follower of rules but making your own rules… that’s not easy and these guys I mentioned have my full respect. But…

Like this Eagle, I’m ready to fly

No Regrets

So what made me decide to go for it? Well, one of the things I’ve also learnt from watching videos on what people feel much later in life, who didn’t take a little chance and throw themselves in to the unknown, was they were looking back on a life of regret. They regretted not going for it and that is one emotion that eats away at you. So the question I asked myself was, “Would I regret not going for this now?” The answer was, “Yes”! By the way, I strongly recommend you ask yourself that if you’re facing a big decision!

Now that I’ve bought the flight tickets, it’s a case of organising a few things for when I’m out there i.e. an itinerary. I’m still scared of course but I’m damn excited and know this is going to be an adventure that I can talk about and share with you folks as much as I can! Who knows what will happen haha! Speaking of not knowing what will happen…

“Why are you thinking about it?” he asks himself…


Aha, yes, the “never a dull moment” world of cryptocurrency. If you haven’t heard me mention this at least once this year, then welcome to my blog as you clearly have only just joined 😛 In brief, cryptocurrency is like any other currency except it is purely digital. There is no “cash” for it (like coins or paper), it’s all 1’s and 0’s. I’ve created a blog series to help explain in a lot more detail that I’ll be converting in to a pdf for you folks before I go travelling – but join the Facebook page if you’re feeling up for some learning.

When Did I Get Involved?

I first heard about Bitcoin back in 2013 but when I tried to research what it was all about, there was no “easy-to-read” information on it and it was all written by tech heads or developers. So I just let it be. To hear it was still around 5 years on and had grown substantially in value, well, I started turning my head a little bit and looked to see if there were any developments happening on the music side of things.

Cryptocurrency & Music?

How exciting then to find out that the Atom Collector Records community was (and still is) strongly advocating cryptocurrency as a means to help musicians get some royalties back for their hard work (from fans streaming or “liking” a track or a blog). What I didn’t realise was that there were just so many sites out there to be involved with! At the moment, I have found a happy place with the sites I’m using and I am definitely moving towards blogging more. If you are on any of these, give me a shout.

Steemit – Blogging Platform

Whaleshares – Blogging Platform

Trybe – Blogging Platform

Choon – Music Streaming Platform

Musicoin – Music Streaming Platform

Of course, I am still on the non-cryptocurrency streaming sites like Spotify, Soundcloud and YouTube. Who knows where any of this will go but the topic of cryptocurrencies has certainly got a lot of people in important places talking and looking in to it (governments and banks for example). Still think we are a long way off mass adoption (at least 3 years) but we’ll see 🙂


I am certainly excited about 2019 and all the adventures coming up, I hope you have felt inspired in 2018 and continue that in to 2019. Remember, it’s just a date at the end of it all, what matters is making the important decisions in your life by asking “Would I regret not giving this a go later on?” If the answer is, “Yes I would regret it”, for goodness sake DO IT!

Have a blessed 2019 everyone and thank you so much for all your comments, support and inspiration to keep me going this year 🙂



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  1. Atom Collector

    I’m so glad our paths crossed Nicky and it was a real pleasure to hear what you did with my track!

    The work you put in when creating your Bluffers Guides is commendable and they are a great way to learn about all the various music related platforms the seem to appear on an almost daily basis!

    I feel like 2018 was all about education and building a base. 2019 has all the hallmarks of being a pivotal year for both crypto and independent music. I hope you are as excited as I am!

    Looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year.


    1. Nicky Havey Post author

      Hey hey @atomcollector, it’s been a pleasure to be a part of it all with you and thanks for having me in the Discord, putting up with my (at times) frustrations of, “Another one?! How is there another one?!!” haha! All said from a place of passion of course 🙂

      Thanks for the comments on the Bluffer’s Guide as well, appreciate it’s a tricky subject to write about and I struggle with it sometimes but writing them helps with my education as well! I still think half of this year will be a bit more education as Trybe hasn’t been covered yet and Inmusik is launching soon, will post a sign-up link in your Discord 🙂

      I’m very excited still and looking forward to seeing how this all goes!

      All the best for 2019!

  2. Julia Williams

    Dear friend you are absolutely right and described the right thing in your article, we should try to enjoy our life in our terms and it’s inspired me too, it’s nice to read the stuff.
    Happy New Year dear friend.
    With love and respect ✊

  3. Udai Pratap Singh

    First of all great wishes for the 2019,
    Friend you puts all the plans and activities you want to do in this year is very interesting how clear you are let me do something like this.
    One Hug
    Let me do one more thing, yes follow you everywhere to get updated.
    Wish you great time my friend.

    1. Nicky Havey Post author

      Thank you so much for the awesome words @oodeyaa! Yes make sure you have some clear goals you want to achieve this year and go for it – hug right back at you! I’ll keep you updated as much as I can with posts on here 🙂

      Have a great 2019!

    1. Nicky Havey Post author

      My sleep walking days are long gone mate. Had a wake up call a couple of years back and now I’m on it! Thanks for the comments and support on my short time on Trybe! Looking forward to seeing how this platform develops over the next 12 months and upload some more music to here!

      Have a great one @cryptosdecrypted



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