The Best of Me

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How much have you donated to your love stories? I have always tried to give everything myself ... and I must admit that I have always been reciprocated, only in some I did not let go beyond the relationship because of a question of incompatibility between the characters ... to put an end to these stories I always tried to make me leave, usually those who leave is the part that suffers less, but I preferred to do this for the simple fact that I could not see a woman suffer especially for me!


And I tried to leave always on good terms, it is not possible for me not to talk more or pretend not to see even for a simple greeting .. for women it is always complicated to maintain a relationship also friendship and I always got on this good .. for my sincerity maybe! My search for True Love stopped when I did not believe anymore after a long history of 7 years ... I left my country looking for a better future where my Earth could not help me so I decided to prepare my suitcase filled with so much courage, desire to change, to be realized and I left far from my family from my friends leaving so much sadness in the heart of the people I love.


A month later I found you the woman I have always looked for has changed my life making me retreat into what I thought was all lost .. the woman I will marry soon and with whom I hope to have beautiful children and to give to them Love, education and humility in this life ...

I owe you all this since I met her, I realized it was her ... she ... it's really true She's the Best of Me ...