Quick & Important Reminder For All PARSL (SEED) Hodlers: Register For Upcoming Sharedrop Until Today!

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If you hold some PARSL and want to take part in the sharedrops you need to have your email address registered very soon!

I think from all the canabis related crypto projects I've seen so far PARSL really has the potential to get a lot of users attraction - simply because of the EOS airdrop models which will at least bring this project to a lot of peoples attention who didn't hear from it so far. Now I almost forgot about the sharedrop myself and was luckily reminded by someone in the TRYBE telegram chat today ;) Thanks @jdillinger for remindung me and now you! Hope this helps you if you hodle some SEED. If not and you want to take part you can buy some SEED for EOS on exchanges like NEWDEX  or DEXEOS.

If you hold some SEED in your EOS account follow these steps to make sure you are inlcuded into the sharedrop happening in about one day from now:

1) Just register your E-Mail at https://www.parslreward.co/access/sign-up

2) Verify your email

3) Log into your account at https://www.parslreward.co/access/login

4) Hopefully you’re still right in time until tomorrow…:

5) …and register your EOS account to be included in the next sharedrop:

If you missed this one, don’t worry. There are more to come! Over the period of the next 11 months there will be one sharedrop for each month. Just make sure to register your EOS account now and look into the task(s) that have to be done (check your emails from PARSL or their telegram group “Parsl.co | Announcements | SEED token”) for the next sharedrop to be included in it. Also look into their Whitepaper for a “100 Account Scenario Rewarddrop” and Whitepaper about the rewarddrops.

Don't forget: If you had less then 100 EOS in your EOS account before the initial snapshot date on 24th of October you are eglibe for the SEEDgrab! To be included just register here before the 1st January 2019. There are 10,000,000 SEED tokens distributed between all people who had less then 100 EOS until that date in their EOS account. You share will then be sent into your EOS account by February 1st.

Also be aware that there is an advantage in having the SEED tokens longer in your EOS account. The longer you got them in there the more likely you will get more SEED tokens. The snapshot dates to which the airdrops are related to have been done secretely. Because nobody knows exactly when the snapshots day are this gives an advantge in just hodling them!


Here's how the distribution of the airdrops will take place:

70 million SEED tokens will be distributed in three categories

- 50 million SEED tokens will be split up proportionally between all who complete the RewardDrop tasks

- 15 million SEED will be shared proportionally between the 25% top amount of SEED holders who complete tasks

- 5 million SEED will be shared proportionally between the 5% top amount of SEED holders who complete tasks

These aren’t investment advices! Do your own research before investing into crypto currencies or any investment.





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