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  • Don’t Decentralize Everything

    I have spent a lot of time recently working on EOS smart contracts and before that spent time working on dapps for other chains. This is actually going to be the first post in a series primarily aimed at…

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    • Very interesting post @voorash – given me something to think about.

    • Valid thoughts. Thanks for the insight.

    • Food for thought! Thanks for sharing

    • Interesting articlr! Thanks for sharing

    • interesting analysis. What happens when EOS is UNstaked at betdice? what will have been the net costs?

      • Well the short answer is they get all of their EOS back and could sell it to get their money back. But the longer answer is that unless they close up shop they can really never get it back since they will always need it. In that way it is sort of like the fallacy people believe that their home is an investment. Most people can’t just sell their home like they would some stock because they still need somewhere to live.

        I suppose you could consider the net costs based on the opportunity cost of deploying 21 million dollars elsewhere for whatever the duration of the investment is.

    • Very nice insights! That’s really a lot of CPU for BetDice. And that’s just for a more or less simple betting DApp… For me this seems like EOS will have a hard time when functionalities of DApps will grow?

      • I had a nice reply for you but it seems to have gone poof. I think without going into sister chains the only short term solution to cpu is really developers focusing on moving things off chain unless there is a very strong reason to keep it on chain.

        • Then double Thx for answering again 😉
          Interesting, it makes totally sense, but I never thought about it that far this way. I mean that there really is a need for that, because the CPU & RAM cost that much at EOS. So when will there be the first crypto/AWS hybrid solution? ^^
          I mean honestly, traditional CPU doesn’t cost that much anymore these days … I guess there will be solutions in future who will bring the best solutions of these problems together (like for example EOS for “blockchain stuff” & Amazon AWS or something else for executing the stuff that is not worth on blockchain for the cheapest possible price…).

    • Appreciate the education!

    • I appreciate your point of view, but I still, from a user perspective, consider everything should be decentralized.

      And yes, I understand that this might reduce the user usability and increase the costs; but I would make the exchange of convenience for security and freedom all day long.

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    Making money by investing instead of playing the wave of EOS gaming dapps

    A few days ago I posted about Betdice because they were giving away free EOS but they had to slow that down due to growing popularity. Then I noticed a new menu item called payout. They were now profit…

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