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  • DemocratRepublic Party for Both Democrats & Republicans in USA

    Politics in the United States is SICK due to the two party system.  US citizens generally all want the same things such as success & health for themselves and family, vibrant local communities, solid fiscal policy, and safe, healthy…

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    • That’s a good start. Downsize government. Eliminate the federal reserve system scam with their invisible tax that inflates our dollars away. Do away with constraints on our freedom and our ability to produce wealth without the oversight and even more taxes of an overbearing police state. It might take a complete economic reset and start from the ground up to make real reform though. They are pretty well entrenched now.

    • The “party system” was the first attack on the experiment of our REPUBLIC form of government. It effectively took away the right of the PEOPLE to bring forth bills to the house by making the Majority Party’s puppet, the Speaker of the House, the one who sets the “agenda”.

      Beyond that, as is well demonstrated in the Constitution for the united States of America, ALL LAWS are written to define and constrain the GOVERNMENT. It is an oxymoron to create “LAWS” over a “FREE PEOPLE”. A properly functioning Republic’s government would do well to NOT create laws, as they are only for themselves (which is why in the first decades of the nation congress hardly ever met at all).

      Unfortunately, BOTH parties think it is their duty and obligation to tell free people how they are allowed to live and act,,,, I would have to call it a FASCIST PLUTOCRATIC OLIGARCHY,,,,,, a far cry from the REPUBLIC form of Government guaranteed by the Constitution.

      Here is a good governance history article to shed more light:

      • Given that we (US citizens) live in a ineffective two party system and neither Libertarians nor Independents have been able to make any headway towards resolution, what would you suggest?
        One reason I came up with this idea was I’ve talked to people who say “I will always vote Republican [or Democrat]”. This idea would allow people to bridge to a new third party without compromising their statement. I’m really open to ideas that could work within the current system (as we also try to decentralize everything with EOS blockchain).
        Thanks for the link to your article, you seem to have lots of knowledge in governance.

        • Well I could make some recommendations,,, not that our government would listen:

          1. Make ALL parties and “PACs” illegal
          2. Eliminate the Electoral College and Representatives (put in direct (with a delegation option) democratic blockchain votes.
          3. Return to: ALL CODES, STATUTES and ACTs “ONLY” apply to Government Servants and not the Free People as a whole.

          This should return the people to a state of freedom, and eliminate the possibility of secret societies or other organized groups from usurping the power of the people.


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