Berry Trees in the Snow

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Winter is a great time of the year when all the plants and trees are covered with fluffy snow. In the winter season it is especially good in the forest.

It seems to me that peace and silence prevail in the winter forest, but this is only at first glance. When the sun appears, the whole forest transforms and shines. The branches of the trees are filled with the first snow and it is beautiful to observe how the dried berries are filled with bright color combined with white snow. When the first wind from the branches snow falls and creates the illusion of snowfall. Sometimes birds sit on tree branches to find some tasty from the berries.

I often walk among the trees with winter berries and observe how they look in the winter season.

The color of the berries is always a little different. In the morning the color of the berries fades a little and becomes slightly red, and in the afternoon on a sunny day the color of the berries becomes very bright and saturated with bright glitter. In the evening, the color of the berries becomes dark red and is filled with a warm shade from the evening sun.

Some of the color of the berries has become dark, almost black, I think these berries have dried in the summer season.

I like to walk through the snowy forest of berry branches. My camera helps me to create interesting and beautiful photos that are filled with a winter atmosphere and bright color.

Today was a particularly bright and slightly sunny day, so the photos turned out to be especially bright and contrasting. During processing, I added only juiciness and reduced the number of shadows.

For my photos I used a camera Canon EOS 70D and a lens Canon 50 mm.