Before and Now Is the Same

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© & ℗ Copyright: wildflower1555

It seems to me, that I am from my God forgotten,

''all'' - they treat me, like that I am a body - rotten ...

Before and now, for me my life is just the same,

they gaze over me, with no guilt - such a shame ...

Behaving so badly, thinking that I am their slave,

ah, my God, please, I am giving You my soul to save ...

And, they were my ''friends'', most of them were fake,

treating me every day, like that I am the God's mistake ...

Hiding from all of them, in my small and dusty room,

going through the hell, with a lot of sorrow - gloom ...

Every second to the Almighty somehow I just try to pray,

if You hear me, please, just send me the power - ray ...

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