Anyone with an Ethereum Wallet Can now Stake and Earn more ETH for FREE! 

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Welcome to the newest opportunity available for Ethereum and Erc-20 Token Holders,

KeepStake will give Ethereum & Erc20 token holders a regular ETH payout by joining their (PoS) Proof of Stake pool. Yep, You Can Stake your Ether in your own Wallet. Risk Free! Plus they are Airdroping 1 KPSK Token for everyone who registers before Dec 1st 2018. (KPSK will be Tethered to 1 ETH)

All users that join the keepstake pool in the registration phase (Before Dec 1st) will each recieve 1 KPSK token, a publicly tradeable ERC20 token which is also worth exactly 1 ETH. By holding your KPSK token, you will be able to receive ETH payouts from the KeepStake pool every 100,000 Ethereum blocks, which is roughly every 2 weeks.

So How Do You Get Involved? - CLICK HERE

As Long as you have an Ethereum wallet address you can join the KeepStake staking pool completely free  - CLICK HERE

You need to get registered on their site (keepstake) before December 1st 2018.

For those who want to register more than one ETH addresses, you can do this via email before the KPSK distribution as stated in thier FAQ - you might get all accounts banned if you try multiple accounts rather than one with all your addresses, so be cautious if your thinking of trying to beat the system!

For Every 100,000 Ethereum blocks you will be given ethereum staking rewards proportional to the total ETH value of  Ethereum and tokens in your registered addresses.

I Personally think that this could be a huge opportunity to not only create passive income for a lot of people, but also to help the growth of the ethereum community. This is a huge incentive to hold (Stake) you coins and even to buy more. This is just one of many promising projects that is giving back to its users and the community that helps support it.

You can see your potential earnings from staking your current ether wallet here -


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Let me know what you think about the potential of the project in the comments below

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    1. Jake McCormick Post author

      Yes, definitely. At first i thought scam, but after looking into it, it ‘s legit, they have a team in place, good whitepaper, and some good reviews out there from the ICO / Airdrop review sites. It’s Risk free so i’m giving it a go. I’ll do another post to review it, once the airdrop has finished and I’ve been staking for 100,000 blocks (around 15 days according to their whitepaper)

      1. Ajay Konale

        First of all how did they decide value of 1 Keep token = 1 ETH. Value of any token is to be determined by market force not by the issuer.
        Second they are giving ETH for promotion like 0.1 ETH!!! This is huge.
        If it is too good to be true. Then it is definitely a scam